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The rise of Google has made the maps we use every day more impersonal than ever. The rise of creative mapping may be an antidote to this or nostalgia for things more unique. These artists bring to the field a subjective visualization of a location and are often designed to qualify as souvenirs. Creative mapping illustrations are not strictly cartographic, but do make use of the conventions such as directional compasses, cartouches, keys and symbols. They can often include unique details, perhaps based on the past or well-known events. A regular map or GPS will not tell you about local history, cultures or practises. A hand drawn map can do this in spades.

My illustrations for Wyndham Walkabout give details of walks in the unique coastal, riverine and inland environment of Wyndham. The map illustrated is done in the style of a ribbon map and illustrates a fascinating walk along the beach at Campbells Cove and Baileys beach, a unique survival of the old school beach settlement.

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