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Take a journey from Mildura and travel down the Murray River south eastwards and you soon come across a stunning site, the spectacular red cliffs. These craggy red heights mirrored in the water are so famous they even named a town after it. Less celebrated perhaps, are our own version of this phenomenon, the Red Cliffs of Werribee South. The habitat here is different, as it benefits from being close to other great bird habitats in Wyndham, such as the Water Treatment Plant and the Cheetham wetlands. It is a spectacular area for seeing wading birds, both native and migratory. Just a few of the birds that you might catch on any day are several varieties of cormorant, the great, little pied and the little black. The royal spoonbill, pelicans, several species of ibis, the pacific black duck, the nankeen heron, the dusky moorhen, red necked stints and many more. You could even see a laughing kookaburra. On the map cartouche I have featured the Australasian darter and a white-faced hero, both looking for their lunch.


You will find the Red Cliffs lookout at 362 K. Road. Werribee South. Vic    

As the cliffs have been found to be vulnerable to erosion, some of the original carparks are off limits until restoration work has been done.

  1. The carpark near to the gazebo is still available.

  2. To get to the other side of the loop where the views are spectacular, you will find a small gate next to the golf club entrance

  3. Follow the path and then go through another wire gate and proceed down the steps.

  4. At the base, go left to the river edge.

  5. This is a great spot to take in the the views and of course for a photo

       (You can walk further by following the path further along the golf club fence)

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